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Mellisa’s Biography


Mellisa Hollingsworth considered quitting the sport of skeleton when she wasn’t named to the 2002 Canadian Olympic Team. Thankfully, for her, and Canada, she didn’t. Mellisa’s World Cup season leading up to the 2006 Olympic Winter Games redefined the term “hot streak”. After lengthy discussions with her coach during the off-season, and mapping out a new competitive strategy, the 29-year-old from Eckville, Alta., kicked off the pivotal season by winning her first World Cup in 10 years of racing, and became the first athlete in the history of the sport to never finish out of the top three for the rest of the year. Mellisa won the Overall World Cup title in 2006, and slid to a historic bronze-medal finish in Torino at the Olympic Winter Games. With a mission of winning Olympic gold, Mellisa was on-pace to achieve her goals at the 2010 Olympic Winter Games. With the nation watching, Mellisa headed into those Games ranked number-one in the world with her second Overall World Cup title. Sitting in second spot heading into the final run, Mellisa pushed a personal best start time her final trip down the track, but made a costly error while taking a risk to accomplish her mission. Mellisa finished a heart-breaking fifth. Gutsy, courageous and determined, Mellisa is proud of her accomplishments, but her competitive goals are not yet achieved. She will be back chasing gold in 2014!

Mellisa grew up as a country girl on a ranch. Raised around horses while hanging out with cowboys and cowgirls on the family farm, rodeo was a tradition richly engrained in this naturally gifted Alberta rancher. When Mellisa was not pursuing excellence in a multitude of sports, she was often and still can be found riding horses or taking in the local rodeo. Prior to her skeleton career, Mellisa ran track and played basketball at a provincial level. She was introduced to skeleton and the idea of the Olympics by cousin, and two-time World Skeleton Champion, Ryan Davenport.

Career Highlights

2011/12 World Championships Lake Placid, NY, USA 2nd
2011/12 World Cup Calgary, AB, Canada 5th
2011/12 World Cup Whistler, BC, Canada 1st
2011/12 World Cup Kongissee, Germany 3rd
2011/12 World Cup Altenberg, Germany 5th
2011/12 World Cup La Plange, France 1st
2011/12 World Cup Igls, Austria 3rd
2010/11 World Cup Overall: 3rd
2010/11 World Cup Whistler, BC, Canada: 2nd
2010/11 World Cup Calgary, AB, Canada: 4th
2010/11 World Cup Park City, Utah, USA: 4th
2010/11 World Cup Lake Placid, NY, USA: 5th
2010/11 World Cup Igls, Austria: 3rd
2010/11 World Cup Winterberg, Germany: 6th
2010/11 World Cup St. Moritz, Switzerland: 2nd
2010/11 World Cup Cesana, Italy: 9th
2009-10 World Cup Overall: 1st
2009-10 World Cup Igls, Austria: 3rd
2009-10 World Cup St. Mortiz, Switzerland: 2nd
2009-10 World Cup Königssee, Germany: 1st
2009-10 World Cup, Cesana, Italy: 3rd
2009-10 World Cup, Winterberg, Germany: 2nd
2009-10 World Cup, Altenberg, Germany: 6th
2009-10 World Cup Lake Placid: 1st
2009-10 World Cup Park City: 3rd
2008-09 World Championships: 6th
2008-09 World Cup, Park City #1: 1st
2008-09 World Cup, Park City #2: 3rd
2008-09 World Cup, St. Moritz: 2nd
2008-09 World Cup, Winterberg: 3rd
2007-08 World Championships, Altenberg: 6th
2007-08 World Cup, overall points: 3rd
2007-08 Canadian Champion
2007-08 World Cup, Calgary: 2nd
2007-08 World Cup, St. Moritz: 3rd
2005-06 Olympic Winter Games, Torino: 3rd
2005-06 World Cup, overall points: 1st
2005-06 World Cup, Calgary: 1st
2005-06 World Cup, Lake Placid: 2nd
2005-06 World Cup, Igls: 2nd
2005-06 World Cup, Sigulda: 3rd
2005-06 World Cup, Konigssee: 1st
2005-06 World Cup, St. Moritz: 2nd
2005-06 World Cup, Altenberg: 3rd
2005-06 Canadian Championships: 2nd
2004-05 World Cup, Igls: 3rd
2004-05 World Cup, Altenberg: 7 th
2004-05 World Cup, St. Moritz, 7th
2003-04 World Cup overall standing: 8th
2003-04 World Cup, Calgary: 3rd
2002-03 World Championships, Nagano: 5th
2002-03 World Cup, St. Moritz: 2nd
2002-03 World Cup, Lake Placid: 6th
2000 World Championship: 2nd